Monday, 10 March 2014

Love Yourself

Haven't done any 'Daily Thinkers' for a while so at the end of this
 post I've included three beautiful quotes to get you thinking
 and feeling. Today's post is all about loving yourself. Three beautiful
 quotes to accompany three journal entries I've posted
 in the past few days on my DeviantArt account. 

be by all17
by all17
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I think I am finally understanding it. It is not about searching for yourself. It is not about finding who you are or who you are suppose to be. It's about loving yourself no matter what, flaws and all.  It's about accepting your flaws, moving on and improving yourself. The fact that you know your own flaws, accept them and then are willing to improve beyond them is someone so beautiful in itself and definitely something worth loving.

When you love yourself, everything around you becomes positive because you are subconsciously emitting a strong positive vibe. Love yourself and you will find happiness. Love yourself and you will feel whole. Love yourself and nothing can bring you down.

Know that you are special, know that you are enough.

I came to this realisation after my two month trip away from home. This is what travelling is about. Not simply to see the world, but to come to realisations, to come home changed, to come home a better person, a happier person.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust
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A few nights ago I lay in bed and it occurred to me that one day I will have to clear out all the photos of us that I've kept and all the little gifts and other things of sentimental value.

Because though a little part of me still has hope you will come back to me, the big part of me knows you're not the one and I don't want you back.

So here I sit, on my bedroom floor, next to this purple floral box with things scattered everywhere. I remember the first time I received that sweet letter from you and thought to myself that one day I might have to burn this. The beginning of a love story and I stepped into it with a negative mindset. I was hopeful most of the time, thinking about marrying you and having a family, but there were times like these where I could imagine the end. Where I could imagine right now.

I'm not sure if reading all those notes and letters was a good idea. Probably a stupid idea to remind me of us. Most of your letters telling me how much you love me didn't affect me as I was going through that box because they are so meaningless to me now that I can just shrug them off. Your words didn't add up. But it's some of those photos where I see myself so happy with you... And it's the letters where you describe how much potential we have together, how we are never going to fall out. That hopefullness now just false hopes, that is what saddens me. The beautiful lost potential. What a disappointment (you hated that word).

Endings are horrible, I never liked them. Ending of movies, of series... A happy ending or not, an ending is an ending. One that is filled with emptiness.

Don't worry, this is a temporary state of saddness. Life is beautiful for me right now, nothing could be better. My happy vibe I came home with from my time away is still here with me. Nothing is going to bring me down because I've finally learnt to love myself. Truly.
Mirror, Mirror on the Floor by Matthias-Haker
by Matthias-Haker

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Do not chase fame, do not seek popularity, do not look for credit.
Because once you get caught up in all that, in wanting to please everyone... you lose yourself.

Do what you do best. Do what you love. And let not that be pleasing everyone.
Let not what others think or say affect your direction. Positive feedback is just a bonus.

Instinct. Trust them. 

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I hope these have got you thinking.

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