Sunday, 16 February 2014

Have Faith & Wait

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I haven't been this excited and happy since that night I found out I was no longer single!!
And no, this isn't because I'm no longer single for the second time. I'm still single but extremely happy!
Besides the point!

The point is, my older brother is gonna get a girlfriend soon!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! Thank GOD! About damn time! This boy has never been in a relationship, never brought a girl home but he's finally found the one! The one with personality and looks! She's perfect!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm so excited for him!! Can't wait to meet her!! I can finally feel I have a sister! And I thought this day would never come!! Faith in love. Thanks bro for giving me faith, that the wait is worth it! :D

Here's a photo that's actually mine for a change:

by applesttar
On a different topic, the dark spot on my left arm is actually a burn mark from the IPL I recently underwent. Only first session done and it burned like hell! Still 3-5 more sessions to go, apparently the pain decreases in time.

I've always been really insecure about the hair on my arm, ever since primary school. Some haven't noticed it, some have. But it is pretty bad, plus I have black hair so it's even more noticeable. Here's some proof:

Anyway, I want to draw a comparison with IPL and plastic surgery. Society is so much more sensitive towards the latter but they are so similar. Both incorporate pain, appearances, money and could also be deceiving.

It hurts to get a nose job, it affects how your face looks afterwards, it costs a lot, and people may think that you were born with it.

It hurts to get IPL, it affects how your arm (or wherever you get done) looks afterwards, it costs a lot ($1000+ for 4-5 sessions), and people may think that you were born hairless.

Flowers and rain by uglybug
Flowers and rain
by uglybug

Only difference? Plastic surgery is more work, and it may come as a burden as you have to go for regular checkups and touch ups. But why the massive difference in the reactions? I did once say (here) that I have nothing against those who undergo plastic surgery as long as they don't lie about having it done and they don't promote this fake beauty. I would have my nose done if I wasn't so scared of pain, worried about the burden, and had the money.

The thing is, I won't lie about being born with having hairy arms because I don't have it anymore. IPL and plastic surgery is there to get rid of the insecurities that no amount of persuasion and psychological treatments can change. But don't lie about it, and don't think, or make it seem like you think, you're better or more beautiful than other people afterwards. I think that's the difference, and I think that's why people view these two things differently. Because many of those who undergo plastic surgery have a different mindset... their mindset is to outdo other people in terms of appearances. And that is NOT right.

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  1. Congrats for your brother!
    It's okay dear, most girls don't like having hair on their skin. I also remove my hairy arms and once got irritated because of it, my brother even told me to stop doing that LOL.
    Boys just don't understand :D
    Hope your next IPL session wouldn't hurt.

  2. Thank you!! You are very sweet <3