Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day

Tomorrow's Valentines Day and in less than 8 hours he will be back. Back into my life, back into existence. I'm not sure how this will affect things, hopefully it won't affect much. Not the amazing vibe I came home with.

I was surfing the web and came across this photo:

And oh how the memories and emotions sparked in me. A few months back I was there, I was her. Huddled up on the cold tiled floor of the shower quivering in tears. He brought more tears than laughter, more stress than relief. I loved him, I still love him. But I don't love 'us'. We don't fit and I'm a whole lot happier on my own. No more breaking down in the shower or crying myself to sleep. It's time for a change.

And though it saddens me to think I won't be spending Valentine's Day with my first love, or with any guy in that matter, I just have to look at the brighter sides of things. I'm going to be able to spend this special day with my real special someone... one day. My first Valentine reserved for the real one. For now I will continue to embark on my journeys on my own, but not completely alone, with my friends and family beside me. This amazing vibe is not going away because this China trip brought me some more friends that feel so much like family for me to share this special year with. 

It's been a great start and I don't plan on letting it come down anytime soon.  
Happy Valentine's Day, the day to show love to anyone special, whether that be your boyfriend, husband, parents, siblings, friends or yourself. (It's also Victoria's Secret Bombshells' Day so love yourself!!)

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