Monday, 17 March 2014

New Obsession: Style Nanda

Little did I know I had found the paradise of perfection.
Hair, clothes, makeup... goddesses or angels. I have no idea.
But their style is the epitome of bloggers.
Mother, forgive me but I have found my new lover(s).

About 2 years ago I went to Korea and was looking for a bright coloured lipstick that would actually stay on. After much searching I came across 3 Eyes Concept's department in a shopping mall. Their lip paint was perfect for what I was looking for. A beautiful dark orange, almost red. 
Everything else about them is just as amazing and now I'm completely in love!! The 3 Eyes Concept is a beauty brand branched out from their clothing brand Style Nanda. And the models for these two co-brands are so beautiful: Sora Park, Minhee Jung, Jiwon Kang!!! Absolute perfection!

Their style is what I'd label as 'blogger material' and despite it not being clothing that just any one can pull off, I find them really creative and inspiring. And their makeup is flawless! A bit pricey but completely worth it! Just that shipping isn't.... need to somehow find a supplier that's cheaper to avoid these unnecessary shipping costs.

Not just their makeup (lips, eyes, eyebrows- oh yes, my new obsession with eyebrows because of them) but their hair as well!!! There are no faults. There's 3 models each representing different styles very well. They are so gorgeous. Damn Koreans and their eye for perfection! Any way, I have them on instagram and it makes me so happy just staring at the beauty! So I'm going to share the love, share a hell lot of it!

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