Friday, 25 January 2013

Secret Messages by Taylor Swift

Jessica Zaleski attempts to decode Taylor's Swift's Red and figure out who each song is about.
I think it's really amazing. Makes all the songs that much deeper with all the evidence she brings forth.

"I have spent hours taking apart every word of these songs so you know which exes she is bashing (or which current relationship she’s celebrating). Obviously there are clues in her songs, and Taylor always gives clues in her album booklet by capitalizing letters in the album’s lyrics…and things aren’t looking good for Jake Gyllenhaal."

The part Jessica says that Taylor always gives clues in her album booklet by capitalising letters in album lyrics is an astounding uncovering. Examples are:
22 - The hidden message is 'Ashley Dianna Claire Selena'. Talking about friends such as Selena Gomez and Dianna Agron.

I Almost Do - The hidden message is 'Wrote this instead of calling'
Stay Stay Stay - The hidden message is 'Daydreaming about real love'
The Last Time - The hidden message is 'L.A. on your break'
and etc. etc.

I never knew Taylor puts so so so much thought in her lyrics and how they are presented. Makes me love her even more as an artist. So please do check this awesome girl's revealing post out, it's amazing!

A lot of people have been laughing at how she's been going on a dating frenzy and how she dates them just so she can write about them, or just simply that she writes about them after dating them. I have to say, I'm amused by what other say about her too since I was slightly confused with the way she dated Harry not long after breaking up with Connor... but...

I believe the only reason she is going on a dating frenzy is because she is a very emotional girl. That's how she can express herself so much in her songs, that's why she's such a great artist. Like me, I have crushes very easily, except unlike Taylor, they don't try to chase me and ask me out. Taylor's famous, she's got it. She meets so many cute, hot, good looking guys. It's hard for her to stay away and stay single when these guys seem so perfect and are chasing her down like that. If you say Taylor was asking for it when she dated Harry, same can be said about Harry. A relationship is never one sided when it starts, they both wanted each other, no one is to blame or to be hated.

She may be kind of asking for it falling so easily but sometimes a girl just can't help it. And also about her taking revenge on her ex's, yes there's a sense of 'that's not right' in it, maybe take the hating lyrics down a notch but she's only being honest, telling stories about herself, letting people into her mind, sharing all these oh-so-personal events and relationships that have happened in her life. Why should people hate her so much for being honest. And I know there is honest and there is just plain cruel and I guess some of the songs appear rather 'cruel' on her ex's but we aren't her, we don't know how much pain they have caused her. We as people simply hearing her songs, I don't think we should judge. We should just appreciate the lyrics and her experiences which may teach us a lesson or two.
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