Thursday, 3 January 2013

Brother's Birthday! & DT: Colourblind

For some reason this one did not post on the day I scheduled it to which was 7th December 2012. So here it is.

Daily Thinker #9

I think my older brother gets his truly 'wise'ness from my Dad. They are both the type that don't do amazing at school with their grades but are unspeakably intelligent people in society. My brother doesn't believe in luck, in destiny, in fate, in whatever thing that explains things externally and not with the 'self', because he only believes in himself. He plays by his own rules. He is an inspirational person in my life, makes me want to succeed in life, to learn more so I could be more amazing like him. He has this type of charisma that's not typical at all, I don't think you would even call it charisma, it's just this spark in him with the conversations he makes, words he says really open people's minds up. Though sometimes he is really ridiculously funny and immature (being the Joker of our family) and is capable of turning my brain into goop, most of the time he really motivates me and puts things in perspective. Without him I would be a really stupid and daft girl, I just know it. He has really influenced me. We play-fight and curse each other but everything is very light-hearted, I love this type of hate relationship, when you are not here I miss the the taunts and the bruises.

Right now you are not in China whilst I am, I think you are in Vietnam? Or Thailand? Oh the Thailand jokes I taunt you with. Well right now 'now' we're all still at home in Perth but when this post is scheduled to post on your birthday, I bet you I would be really missing you and little brother too. And when I finally see you again, which I will at the end of the month, the first thing I will want to do it strangle you, knee you in the ribs, punch you in the head and squash your perfect looking nose that I happened to not inherit.  

Happy birthday older brother!

I will definitely email this to him, I hate writing such deep words directly at someone but they do not hear them. I will have to edit a bit of it since I do not want him to know about the existence of this blog in which he may call 'stupid'. But I want him to know how much I want to squish that nose of his. Oh brother.

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