Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Justin & Selena's Breakup (New Song)

It's so overly talked about but I can't help but want to put in a few words myself.

Some people hate the pairing, some people miss it. (edit: I saw the 2012 Victoria's Secret Show, Justin was rumoured with model Barbara Palvin and rumors are rumors. But I saw something on that show, how he was so obviously going crazy over all the supermodels, now who wouldn't, they're gorgeous, millions of men swoon over them, but at least Bruno Mars who was also on the show -and by the way has no girlfriend- acted classy about it... just something about the way Justin looked at them that I didn't like, and I'm sure his girlfriend at the time didn't like it either...but anyway...) I just feel sorry for both of them, it's a sad thing to part ways, I've never gone through it before but it feels like I can relate to it somehow... My fear of a relationship, is my fear of separation.

Anyway, this is Justin's new song. I'm not a Belieber but there are some of his songs I do like. This new song of his is really simple, I don't think his voice is amazing in this but the feelings he exudes in the recording touches my heart. It's so sad. The melody is very pretty.

Like anyone going through breakups, I wish them both the best and hope they recover from it soon.

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