Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dearest Mother

I love her so much.
On the 29th this January I accidentally almost transferred $2000 to a stranger's account when I was suppose to transfer it to my mum's account. I was so angry and devastated. I was thinking, how could I? I missed out the last number of the bank account so luckily the account doesn't actually exist, thank god!! (and is now back in my account again)

Anyway, I have these clumsy moments a lot, loosing things, breaking things, ruining things... etc. And it's always my mum I run to first. She doesn't get angry at me at all. She is so understanding it's surreal. How could anyone in this world be so understanding of my feelings other than myself? Well she does. Unlike many mothers, or parents out there, she didn't give me a full lecture telling me off for not checking the back account number more carefully before I sent it. She didn't question me. She didn't frown or get angry or sad right in my face.

She teaches me to 'soldier' on

She just told me 'may this be a lesson for you in the future' in Chinese of course (YES, she's an Asian parent, stereotypically to go nuts at their children). She told me not to think too much about it and not to worry and that the loss of the money served a good purpose. She even contemplated giving me $2000 when I was the one who was suppose to give her $2000 for my little brother. She's amazing!! She knows how bad I feel already and knows that being angry at me or lecturing me will just make me feel worse. What she does is wait until the next few days when I feel better and then gives me a lecture that's basically only a sentence long, reminding me to be more careful next time.

MOTHER I LOVE YOU TO BITS!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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