Monday, 21 January 2013

Holiday Shopping Paradise {pt1}

So during Nov 2012 until Jan 2013, I was overseas. I loved it there, but I was glad to be home because it was just a little but too long staying in Guangzhou with no friends around. However, the shopping was really good, awesome actually! Places I went to were Seoul (Korea), Hong Kong and Guangzhou (China). When I am on holiday I am really picky with what I buy, either it has to be a really really good bargain or it has to be something I really really love, because I have previous experience with luggages, taking all my shopping back to Perth with me, and it was a nightmare. So here are photos of what I bought, part 1 though.... because the rest my dad had to bring home since it didn't fit in my mum's, little brothers or my luggage. Yes, that's how crazy I went. Crazy as in over 10 pairs of shoes crazy. All the prices are converted into AUD.

From these 4 photos:
spectacles $27
spiky bracelet $4
blue earings $0 (gift)
black&gold necklace (A)
white Chanel bracelet $3
black Chanel bracelet $3
heart-shaped watch necklace $0 (gift)
black leaves necklace $0 (gift)
aviator sunglasses $10
black watch $4
white watch $4
brown watch $4
brown wrist band $0.30
silver wrist band $0.30
black&gold Eiffel tower earings (B)
Swarovski gold earings $7.50
Union Jack Cross earings $0 (gift)
pink bracelet (C)
pearl earings $6
black bracelet (D)
statement black flower necklace $4
A+B+C+D = 17

Note: it is kind of weird that the statement necklace costed only $4 whilst the pearl earings costed $6 and the Swarovski gold earings $7.50 but the earings are actually really good quality whilst the necklace is not so much. 

earings $1/each
heart necklace $? (definitely <$5) 

TAOBAO internet shopping:
studded clutch $26
heart-shaped clutch $35
pearl clutch $23

Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Center:
gold studded black bag $26

Guangzhou (Beijing Road):
MAKU bag $17

Guangzhou (Outlet Village):
brown Union Jack Cross bag $7.50

Hong Kong (Argyle Centre Mongkok) $1.90
Korea (Myeongdong) $2 

Misha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream $26
Misha Super Aqua Ultra Waterfall Cream $28
3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment $12
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (hard) $12

Guangzhou Girly Stationary Street:
Cute Notebooks $?
Paper Wallets $?
Pen Holder $?
Pens (not shown here) $?

Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Center:
blue bag with gold zips $26

Guangzhou clothing shop:
jumper with denim shirt (sewn together) $21.50

Note: one of the more expensive and kind of unreasonable clothes I bought but I really loved it! 

Guangzhou street sellers:
white heart studded jumper $4

Guangzhou (Outlet Village):
bunny glasses jumper $4

Guangzhou (Outlet Village):
blue lacy jumper $5

Guangzhou (Outlet Village):
blue long-sleeve dress $5

Guangzhou (Outlet Village):
long sugar brown cardigan $6

Guangzhou (Outlet Village):
very long orange cardigan $3

Note: compared to the sugar brown cardigan, this one is half the price yet double the material. Kind of unreasonable but $3!! Seriously, I could just drop that in the form of coins.

Guangzhou (Outlet Village):
blue coat $13

Guangzhou (Outlet Village):
orange trench coat $8

Guangzhou (Outlet Village):
Leather looking skirt $4

Guangzhou Yufu Shopping Centre:
red skirt $6

Guangzhou (Outlet Village):
black&gold shorts $3

Guangzhou (Outlet Village):
Miffy bat-shaped jumper $4

Carol&John (Guangzhou):
blue & black dress shirt $16

Guangzhou Shoe Outlet:
black boots $22
red boots $27
black heels with gold tip $13
blue flats $13
flowery flats $12

TAOBAO internet shopping:
cat flats $10

Guangzhou Berfeelny Shop:
white ballet flats $25

Hong Kong Nike Shop:
black high tops $62.50

Stay tuned, there will be a part2 because my dad is back with the rest!!! Not as much as this post but enough to be dedicated its own post.

Edit: so it seems it's not enough stuff to persuade my laziness to do a part2... so sorry to disappoint but I will only list a few things I would have put in part2: YSL illuminator pen, Bobby Brown concealer, lace heels, knee high boots, black metallicy leopard print converse shoes, red jumper, robot patterened black and white chiffon shirt, pink jumper, leather tights x 2, black and white striped tight skirt, black tight skirt, dark blue tight skirt, denim shorts x 2... blah, blah, blah (that's about it)    

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