Monday, 19 August 2013

Power Couple

I look to Beyonce and Jay Z when it comes to relationships. Not because they're famous and rich... and Beyonce is hot. But because they're both successful people independently and also as lovers. The passion they have for each other is undeniable. They have the best of both worlds. Something that everyone should strive for. Even after being married, their passion has not dulled at all.

And I truly believe my boyfriend and I (still trying to get used to calling him that) have the personalities for us to work in that way. He doesn't hold back in showing his love for me, and being such a fragile lover, I would never be able to unlove him either. We've got the passion, and he's such a hopeless romantic. I believe this passion will never go away, at least not so easily. We both understand that love needs to be worked on constantly, shown constantly. Love is work in its own way. Although we don't see each other every day, usually only once every week through uni, and sometimes not at all, he calls every night and we message each other all the time. We constantly remind each other of our feelings, and it is this persistence and never taking each other for granted, which will allow our passion to continue to burn endlessly.

Another aspect of our personality that really works well together is the fact that we are both really hard-working. We're not out establishing our careers just yet, we're still just students studying at uni, but it has shown academically. We put our studies first. When I'm busy watching a lecture, he will wait for me to finish before he calls. When he's busy completing an assignment, I don't bother even texting. Because we both understand that we value our individual success. We're ambitious people, not the type of lovers who would easily sacrifice their individuality for each other. I mean why should we? Everything is about balance. When you invest all the importance in the other person and none in yourself, you end up losing yourself. It's not called being selfish, it's called being smart. Why make sacrifices that don't need to be made to begin with. Just because sometimes we may be busy thinking about our studies, and not about the other person, doesn't mean we love each other any less. There are just certain times that you have to put these things aside and do what you have to do, in that moment in time.

It really is so crazy how similar our values are. It's really rare to find someone that thinks so alike about these important issues in life. Knowing this, I'm sure we can conquer the world, individually and together. 

To end, I just want to share a favourite photo of mine, of us. One of his friends secretly captured this photo and it makes it look like we were celebrities or something, and a fan or paparazzi took it. I also like how you can't see our faces, extra mysterious, hehe.       

Just noticed the similarities between the two photos, my boy is wearing a hoodie and a basketball cap too (the one I bought him for his birthday). Slight height similarities as well? Now I'm just being creepy, observing every little detail. But honestly, I love this photo not because of the similarities (I didn't even know such photos of Bey and Jay existed before this). It's just such an interesting perspective, to see us from the eyes of the outsiders. 

Today marks 4 weeks and this Thursday, the 22nd, marks our one month, but we've actually gone through stuff together for so much longer. Either way, this post is dedicated to us. I love yu.   

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