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Interviews of Victoria Secret angels about 'Love', 'Dating,' and their 'First Kiss'.

Apparently Lily Aldridge didn't have her first kiss until her wedding day, but the first video says otherwise so not too sure. But if that is true, that's amazing.

Quote from Adriana on love and waiting…

I believe love just happens once. You can be mistaken, you can think you are in love, but after a while you discover that you’re really not. Real love is different.
“Sex is for after marriage. [Men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me. When we’re traveling together for the first time, we sleep in different rooms. That’s the number one thing," she told GQ in 2008.

How old are you, anyway?
Um, my age, I’m gonna leave, like, free for everybody to think about. I’m gonna leave it a secret, so when I get old, nobody will know.
Did you always plan on being a supermodel?
When I started, I was too young to know what I wanted. But today I would like to be a doctor. I want to be a pediatry…how do you call it, pediatrician?
Yeah. Pediatrician. So you like kids?
Not really. Depends. If they act well behaved, yes. When they start screaming, I don’t like them. But this is my plan. I might change my mind. For now, God has given me a lot of work.
I take it you’re religious?
Yes! I am Catholic. [she pulls out the cardboard scapular hanging around her neck, under her big gray sweater]
Wow. A scapular. Do you go to church?
Of course! Every Sunday.
Is there anything in the teachings of the Catholic Church that you don’t agree with?
Are you pro-life?
What do you mean, pro-life?
How do you feel about abortion?
I think it’s a crime.
Okay, so let’s get started. You know the theme of this issue, right? Love, Sex, and
Uh-huh. Yes. God.
Which category do you want to talk about first?
I figured. Okay. Have you been in love a lot?
I’m in love now.
Were you ever before?
No! I believe love just happens once. You can be mistaken, you can think you are in love, but after a while you discover that you’re really not. Real love is different.
Are you a one-guy woman?
Of course! I’m a Catholic.
Look, I’m Catholic, too, but there’s a lot of things about the church that make it hard to date within its rules, don’t you think?
Like what?
Birth control, premarital sex…
Well, you know, sex is just for after marriage.
Say what?
Sex is for after marriage.
Are you saying you’re not going to have sex before marriage?
You mean you’ve never had sex?
That’s why I have to say.
You sure about this?
How do men respond to the fact that you plan to, you know, wait?
I don’t care. They have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.
Who was your first boyfriend?
I have just three boyfriends in my life.
Get out.
And this is the third one now.
Did you ever have your heart broken?
By my two exes, yes.
They dumped you?
Noooo. They did not dump me. But… It just did not worked. It did not work. You know?
Were you depressed?
No, not depressed. I don’t have depression.
You didn’t crawl into bed for a week and cry your eyes out?
Well, I felt sad, you know, but what am I gonna do? What’s crying and crawling and locking myself in gonna do for me? Nothing.
So except for the man you’re so in love with, who is your idea of a really hot guy?
My man.
Besides him.
I can’t look at another guy! I can’t. I swear. I’m blocked. I cannot look.
But how do guys—when you’re out and you’re at a club or a restaurant or an event, how do guys approach—
Don’t approach me.
They don’t approach you?
No, I say: Do not.
I know you don’t sleep with anyone, but just for the sake of argument: Who would you rather sleep with, Bush or Clinton?
Ohmigod. They’re too old for me!
Any other thoughts about sex?
I’m not very experienced, okay?
I guess we don’t have much to talk about, sexwise?
I don’t think so.
So…any beauty tips?
I don’t work out.
And is all of you natural?
No, it’s all fake. From my hair to my toes to my nails. Everything’s fake. Everything! Even my heart is fake.
Okay, got it. But if you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Patience. I’m very impatient. I like everything now. I want it all now.
Except sex.
I’m talking about work.
Of course.
No more details!

Adriana was a virgin until she was 27! I respect Adrian so much for having such strong thoughts about pre-marital sex. For a woman that looks that amazing, and her job is to look sensual all the time, it does come as a surprise. But Adriana is amazing!! 

More celebrities on the topic of 'virginity' here, some very interesting ones.

Ok, so the truth is, the reason why this post is called 'First Kiss' is because I got my first kiss last night. Last night was the celebration of our one month and, at 18, I was freaking out about my first kiss. It was the most unconventional date ever, but that's what makes it so special. I don't like generic stuff. 

So this is what the date consisted of. Me driving to the basketball court near his place at night (in the rain, it was hot and sunny two days ago, just had to rain that night), he had organised a candle (unlit because of the wind) in the middle of the basketball court (with an umbrella cause it was still raining) and small pieces of paper surrounding it reading 'love' (drenched in rain water) and there was supposed to be flower petals also surrounding it (but the rain washed it away). How things never work out always makes me laugh. He put in so much effort and planned everything so it was a shame, but I'm easy to please, and the fact that things didn't work out makes it such a better and more interesting story to tell. 

by ~AdamMajchrzak

Oh, and I almost forgot, we had takeaway McDonald's for dinner in the middle of the basketball court, (squatting down because the ground was wet). Thankfully it stopped raining by the time I got there so we weren't eating in the rain. It sounds horrible but I loved it. It was my idea of McDonald's because that makes it the more unconventional. I love being different. So we played basketball after wards (because he loves basketball, and I love basketball players). We were suppose to do some star gazing but the clouds were covering everything so that was something I was actually disappointed about. 

But about my first kiss. He told me to expect the kiss, knowing that it was a big deal to me and a surprise first kiss would just scare me away. He told me it wouldn't be anything, that it would just be a peck, because I made him know I was actually really nervous about it. We cleaned up the leftovers from our McDonald's dinner and he told me whether I was ready to give it to him. So I walked towards him and that was when it started to rain. I hesitated for so long, laughing and telling him that we can't plan these things, but as I laughed, the rain got heavier. He told me not to move and that he would come in. So he did and that was it, it was just a short one second peck on the lips, in the rain though. So my first kiss was a kiss in the rain which I always wanted to have. 

The kiss, it was too short for me to feel flustered about, but I was glad it wasn't anything big. Because I really like taking things slow. I mean it took us 4 months after knowing we liked each other until we got together, and it took us 2 weeks after deciding we were definitely going to be together to become official. And so it took us 1 month of becoming official until we had our first kiss. I'm happy it was just a peck, the more passionate ones will come later on down the path. There's no rush, this way there's more to look forward to. Taking things slow also makes every moment more precious and special, so that we appreciate each moment even more.

The date was amazing, he gave me 8 separate letters, a framed drawing of me that his amazing friend did, and a necklace with two hearts making an infinity symbol.

Sterling Silver Infinity Heart Necklet

The letters were the best! He seriously has a way with words. Each letter was a letter about a 'letter' from my name. So the first was L (for Love), O (for Oh-my-god), U (for unbelievable), I (for Insanity), S (for sexy) and E (for a lot of different nice E words). I can't help but read these letters over and over again. He put so much thought and time (and even money) into last night. 

What I got him in return was a coupon book filled with cute entitlements like a massage, stargazing, cuddling etc that I came up myself. I also drew cute things on the side of each coupon to accompany it, just to add an extra touch of me. And he loved it which made me really happy. 

He made me do crazy things. No cars on the road last night so we were swerving from lane to lane. He in his car and me in mine as he led me to the freeway. With both our windows rolled down, he threw a rolled up plastic bag into my car when we were waiting at a red light. That lunatic.

He is amazing. Last night was amazing. Life is amazing.    

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