Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jurlique Gift Promotion

Who They Are
Since 1985, Jurlique has pioneered natural, high performance skin care products. Jurlique was founded in South Australia, one of the purest places on Earth, in an ideally suited and unpolluted environment where harmony with nature is at the heart of the free-spirited Australian lifestyle. Our mission is to provide the purest, most effective skin care through nature, science and innovation.
Recently there has been a promotion by Jurlique, collaborating with Myer, where three products are given as gifts when you buy two facial products from them. I have always been eyeing the Intensive Recovery Mask by Jurlique because I have heard a really great review on it by one of the best beauty bloggers in the world, Beauty in Love, who has sadly disappeared off the blogging world. 

This Intensive Recovery Mask (40mL) is from the  'Skin Restoring Gift' (yellow package), valued at $163 and includes a Moisture Replenishing Day Cream (40mL) and Purely Age-Defying Eye Cream (15mL). Both which I am really in need of. The alternative gift called the 'Skin Recovery Gift' (blue package), valued at $157, contains a Herbal Recovery Eye Cream (15mL), Balancing Day Care Cream (40mL) and a Moisture Replenishing Mask (40mL). 

So to get the option of one of these two gifts you must purchase two facial products from Jurlique. So what did I get? Well in the gift there is a moisturiser for day so I decided to get one for night, the Herbal Recovery Night Cream. I was also going to get an exfoliator but that was another expensive product so I decided to simply get the Rose Water Balancing Mist, which my mum is using right now.

I can't wait to try these beauties out. I have never been the one to spend so much money on myself, but this is my face so it will be worth it. I have been earning quite a good salary considering my rate expenditure so spoiling myself once in a blue moon cannot possibly trigger a guilt trip. *insert cheeky smile here*  

Have you tried any of these products? Or simple a product from Jurlique? 

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