Saturday, 12 May 2012

Pastel Blue Jeans

Last time I went back to China I visited my family friend's jean factory and received a massive, no exaggeration, pile of jeans to take home with me. Because they were for free and I was considered helping them to get rid of stock they no longer wanted to lie around in their warehouse, I even took a pair of pastel blue jeans. I've never worn anything of that colour but it interested me to find out how people pull out a look with pastel blue jeans. Here's the inspiration:

From Polyvore
I love this look, it is so sophisticated by playing with minimalism. small touches bring this look to life. The shirt, though plain it shows movement. With the simple look it is matched with thin strapped heels to not overwhelm the outfit and make it appear too simple from the contrast. Add a red lip for a burst of colour and a clutch and gold watch(or bracelet) to add enhance the sophistication.   

Pastel colors mix perfectly with denim! Get the look:

Mint jeans: Car Mar. Denim shirt J. Crew. 
Bag: Chanel. Shoes: Steve Madden. (image: ashley-ringmybell)
This outfit has it's no-no parts and yes-yes segments. First of all, I'm not too fond of the bag being purple whilst working with a denim top and then pastel shoes and jeans. It's VERY quirky to me. But I do love the pairing of the nude heels and over accessorised (in a good way) gold. But to me, maybe the purple bag would have worked if the top was not denim. There's too much blue going on, as well as too much pastels going on, to suddenly overwhelm the look with a pop of bright purple.  

From Chictopia
I like this look, I don't love it but I really like it. It's very casual so it's perfect for a fun day out with some friends. It looks comfortable to be in whilst maintaining a cute attractive look.  However there is the lace top I am not overly fond about. It seems too short, maybe it's just not very complimentary for her figure, or styled wrong with that jacket, but maybe it would look quite nice on someone else. 

From Chictopia
Another comfy look for a day out with friends. The necklace adds a touch of eye-catching style to the entire look. It's quite indie and I like this, especially paired with the boots. Man, I am so in love with these flat boots. I am currently searching for a pair... or two... (haven't gone shopping for ages so will be spoiling myself with the cash I have saved).

From FashionMate
Finally, my favourite look out of all of them. The only part I may change is the top, I think it's lace as well, I don't have anything against lace (other than how prickly it can feel sometimes) but this top seems too crumpled for my liking (whilst the previous look, also with a lace top, was too tight and small for my liking). The lace here may have been overdone. The top would look better if it was a normal plain white top with lace embellishment, not when it's entirely lace. But on a positive note on why I love this outfit so much is, well, everything else. The shoes, omg, those shoes! The bag, i think my hear just stopped because I can't breathe! And that pastel pink blazer, gahhhh! And don't forget about the accessories!!! Yes, everything else but the top is absolutely taking my breath away. 

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