Saturday, 26 May 2012

Be My Candy Girl

Chinese Society has brought us another awesome night, the Snow Candy event was a blast! People remained until the end, not like you could jump off the boat if you wanted to leave, and even demanded one last song before they were willing to leave. Not as great as the first one because there were no expectations for the first one. Nothing beats a first. But none the less, this one was no disappointment.

The dress is actually a top with a skirt stitched onto it, taken from a red dress I wore to 

my year 12 muck up week as the red queen. 


Next Saturday is my friend's 18th Glow party, will be wearing this top again but will be snipping off the skirt. Realised my arms are getting quite... large, must exercise like it's time to hit the VS runway cause I will be showing off my belly that night.

Now for some non-professional mobile photos, and self-takes:

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