Sunday, 6 May 2012

What do you do when it all falls apart?

Only time can heal this now.

Building trust towards someone again is hard, very hard. Trust is a fragile thing but what is worse is that men don't seem to know how fragile it really is. Breaking it and breaking it again. Senseless selfish being. It hurts, they know we are hurting, but they don't know why we are hurting. Men can be so confused sometimes. Not because we are complicated, but because they simplify things too much sometimes. They see something is wrong but they don't make the effort to find out why something is wrong. Rather they want to run from it, cowards, hide it, cover it up. Finally they admit they were wrong but they think admitting is the end of it. It's not. He must own up to his mistakes: Done. Face it head on. Understand why it is a mistake and let those around him know that he knows, reassure them. Don't run. That won't help. Face it. Men are suppose to be brave, but when it comes to when relationships fall apart, they are the most cowardly of all. The tiger turns into a mouse. Only way to regain this trust is through time. Through actions. Running is not a good action.

But sometimes one small action of disloyalty causes all the hard work to crumble below ground level. Why is he so stupid? Again and again. He is so smart in so many different ways but his ability to understand those around him is so poor, almost laughable. Here we are trying to to build it up again and he doesn't seem to want to help. Standing aside just ignoring the fact that he has caused something to fall apart but then comes along, ignorantly, and tears it down. He may not have wanted to tear it down, but he did. Ignorance and blaming is not an answer.

The sky is so clouded these days, the storm is over but the clouds remain. Will it ever clear? And when it does, will it be the same again? Will we all be here still? Or will one of us be carried away with the wind and the clouds?

Only time can tell.

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