Monday, 14 May 2012

Met Gala

For now I am.
For three weeks I will be.
And then end of semester exams. Sorry, will be MIA again after 3 weeks.

Just had my oral test for organisational behaviour (management) which was a 4 minute test about anythingggg from the 700 page book. I've been slacking one week before... or more like focusing on other more important assessments... and began cramming it in the last 7 days. It's was 7 days of imprisonment, physical and psychological imprisonment. I haven't shopped for ages and I have saved up quite a lot from this. So I intend on spending it big in a few days, when I can find a friend to join me.

But since I'm back, I need to join in the Met Gala discussions. I know I'm late so I won't be talking about what's already been talked about. Here's the dresses that caught my eye!


Left: January Jones, in Atelier Versace
I am absolutely in love with this dress! Nothing beats it! Nothing. The great choice in colour, details in structure, material. EVERYTHING is perfect, perfect to create a statement at the Met Gala.

Right: Joan Smalls, in Balmain
Rocker chick meats glamour. I love studded dresses! The colour is really complimentary on her skin too. Love it, but maybe not perfection since it's the Met Gala.

Left: Ashley Greene, in Donna Karan Atelier
I looked at it and thought 'wow!'. Now I look at it again and I think 'eh?'. It's a beautiful dress but maybe not for the Met Gala, not when there's so many fascinating dresses, this one's just a bit too simple/typical. It's a wedding dress.
Right: Ivanka Trump, in Peter Pilotto
Love! Love! Love! The colour and just how it moulds perfectly around her. Maybe not the turtle neck part. But everything else, even the type of material and its pattern? Spot on!

Left: Alexandra Edenborough, in Prada
It's simple but yet complicated. It's sophisticated! This dress doesn't scream 'look at me', but when someone sees it, they won't be looking, they'll be staring (in a good way). I'm not sure if it was designed to be like this but I like how there's a bit of a curling up motion at the shoulders of the dress. Just slightly. Subtly details like this are ingenious!
Right: Ginnifer Goodwin, in Monique Lhuillier
The dress is similar to the black one, even though you may not think so from first glance, or second, or third. But here's what I see. This dress is also simple yet complicated, yes, it's sophisticated. The small subtle details created from the use of fabric (like the transparency) and its layering is perfect. The fitting is also perfection, especially at that waist!  

Left: camilla belle, in Ralph Lauren
This dress is really sexy! And I love the pattern and colour, as well as the use of transparency at the neckline... but, going off topic, I do not like the dark burgundy lips. I know burgundy is 'in' and I love the colour, but for nails, or clothes, not the lips. It may add an 'edge' to the outfit, but to me it's not a good attention grabber. 
Right: Bonnie Chen, in Chloe (most left)
To be honest I can't even see her dress in this but I was just so fascinated with the presence of another Asian face at the Met Gala. I've never seen her before. Maybe heard of her, I'm pretty sure she's reasonably popular (especially to be attending the Met Gala) so I may just be hiding under a rock (or imprisoned in my house) for too long. 

Left: Claire, Prisca, Jenna and Virginie Courtin-clarins, all in Mugler
This dresses, when standing side by side, look like a Halloween festival to be honest. Butttt... looking at them individually I do love some of them. Not so much the first left one, or the last red one. But I really love the third one from the left. It's very sexy! I can picture a VS model wearing this! Actually, wearing this makes you LOOK like a VS model. She does!
Right: Was interested by a new Asian face (to me at least) on the red carpet so searched her up. She's s so beautiful!

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