Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Victoria's Secret Hair

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Not only are they famous for their gorgeous bodies and of course beautiful faces, but also for the luscious curls.  

Love their hair but look at those beautiful lips! The colour is such a girly pink

Amazing golden curls 
Sexy makeup and hair! Full of volume!

Blast of volume!

Look at all that beautiful curly hair!

Behind the scenes of the VS show, getting hair and makeup done

Loving the side fringe, take note: they're all on the left which means they may be perceived as intelligent, in-charge and reliable according to the hair parting theory in one of my previous posts 

Spanish Beauty: Clara Alonso. I love the red lip! The hair is also ultra dreamy

Here are some golden beauties

Love the messy look!

Look at that golden shine!

They're all curls, VS hair style = long, down and curly

                                                             But Asian hair is different to Caucasian hair, not just simply the colour but most importantly the texture. Working with Asian hair is different to working with Caucasian hair. Here are the two Chinese supermodels on 2011's Victoria's Secret Show: Sui He (LEFT)and Lui Wen (RIGHT). Rather disappointing compared to the other VS models, most probably because the hairstylist there don't know how to work with Asian hair. This is also why I never go out to get my hair done at the hairdressers here in Australia, I have long hair, I can wait until I go back to China to get it done. Which is what I am doing, getting it permanently dyed and curled in a air salon in Guangzhou, China. Between the two Asian beauties I do believe Su Hei is the more beautiful model. Their faces may not be the most beautiful Asian faces but their bodies sure are. 

Really really curly hair (ie. beach babe curls) for Asians only look good for fashion shoots and runways. For everyday hair,smaller and lesser curls are better since it's more natural looking. After all, curly hair isn't what any Asian is born with.  The curls below are perfect! I just need to continue growing out my hair!

Here are the two Asian hairstyles, plus the one with the girl in the JB hat, that I really like but requires very long hair. My straight hair is the same length as their hair curled which means when mine will be curled, it will be inevitably shorter than what I desire.

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  1. the 2 asian models at victoria secret - their hair look pretty disappointing. :(
    i've gone and get extensions+ curls to achieve those vs curls too :"> gotta love long luscious wavy locks
    i reckon your hair will look perfect with a curl!