Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Official 2011 Graduate

Goal now is to relax, earn some money to spend in HK, and to grow a few more centimetres. So far I have grown an extra centimetre from 166cm to 167cm (max- ie. on morning measurements, since the fact is you shrink during the day).  I want to achieve 168-170cm and since my body still isn't fully developed into a woman's yet I think I just may reach my dream height! My older brother only started growing some more after high school so I hope it'll be the same case with me!!

Here are the graduation photos as promised, and as I said in a previous post, it's the same colour as my ball dress cause I just love the colour. I just received the KOJI DollyWink Liquid Eyeliner in deep black the day before graduation so it was actually perfect timing! It was graduation, not clubbing so I wasn't heavy on make-up, at all. Simple Dr. Jart BB cream and some L'oreal truematch super-blendable powder with Chi-Chi lip gloss and eye-shadow. Showed more 'leg' than I intended at the graduation, a friend walked up to me and I said "nice dress" and she was like "nice legs".

Here's BEFORE and AFTER graduation

 My hair is so long I think curling it won't make it way too short. I really want the VS curls! So sexy and hot!!

Next post will be a spam of pics on VS curls that I love!


  1. you look so pretty in those photos! the dress look great on you gorgeous ;) i like how you've done your hair

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