Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Simple Steps to Everyday Glamour

Looking effortlessly glamorous doesn't just happen, even though the very words suggest otherwise. It takes some diligence, but thankfully, not much. These tips will get you there, every day.

1. Don't skip on skin care
The better your skin, the less make-up you need, and the less time it takes to look elegant.Cleansing is the cornerstone of great skin. Cleanse every morning to remove cellular wastes from your skin's overnight repair functions, and twice at night to remove make-up and the day's debris.

Exfoliate between one and three times weekly, and apply a mask suited to your skin type between once and three times a week. Twice daily hydration with a quality cream is important, as is daily application of high SPF sunscreen. (Also, don't forget the toner!) 

2. Work with your hair's natural state
Don't try to fight its curls, or its straightness, as you'll just spend too much time styling, and it will become a frizzy mess. Keep it well hydrated with a weekly (or more) deep conditioning mask, and visit the salon every six weeks for a trim and to keep your style looking chic.

When styling, embrace its movement and curls, or try parting it in the direction of that cowlick — you'll be surprised how well it works! Straight hair? Encourage your strands to smooth down even more and reflect mega-watt shine. The best hair days are the ones when you let your locks behave as they would do naturally.

3. Refine the five-minute make-up
It's easier than you think. Choose a sheer-to-medium foundation formula and apply it as you would a moisturiser. Warm the formula by first massaging it between the palms of your hands and along the lengths of your fingers. Then, simply press your face into your hands to transfer the foundation from your hands to your face. Pat it in gently, and then use your fingertips to blend it seamlessly along the jaw line and down your neck, around your hairline, nostrils and eyes.
Skip powder. Simply let the foundation settle into your skin to leave a luminous finish.

Groom your brows by brushing them into place, then defining with a neutral hued pencil that's one shade lighter or the exact same shade as your brows — never darker.Go easy on eye shadow — less is more. Apply a pale apricot as a base, a creamy-white to highlight under the brow and a neutral tan to contour. 

4. Glam it up girl
Save bold, matte lip hues for when you want all-out, traffic-stopping glamour. For this look, stick with a sheer gloss that you can reapply without a mirror. You can opt for bold shades, but rosy pinks and corals look just as stunning.

5. Nail some sophistication
Well-manicured nails will always smack of sophistication. You don't need a bold polish. For effortless glam, choose a no-colour, high-gloss top coat, or a French pink. Stunning!

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