Sunday, 11 December 2011

Graduation/ Christmas Nails

Christmas is only two weeks away! Man time flew this year! I graduated a few days ago and my friend insisted that we do something with our nails because we're such nail fanatics! I will post pictures of my graduation dress in a few days, it's royal blue which is the same colour as my ball dress. I have to admit, I am subconsciously drawn to the colour! It just makes my skin colour such a gorgeous pearly white. Well here's the tutorial for the nails I did for my graduation to match my glittery  shoes that I wore to the ball. I learnt this from KlairedelysArt's video which I have added to the bottom of this post. I have also included some extra tips and advice from myself. This nail design is so simple to do and so glamorous that I'm sure you'll be falling in love with them too! So many people think I have fake nails but they're natural and I know I am very lucky to have inherited them from my mum.


Metallic Silver Nail Polish- even though I never really liked the BYS brand, I found this nail polish incredibly easy to apply and use. Slightly more expensive than the other BYS nail polish but worth it.
Glitter-I used silver to match my shoes, the colour is optional
Brush-I used a paint brush, you would need this to brush off any excess glitter
Make-up sponge- just get a really cheap one because we'll be dipping this in nail polish
Clear nail polish- I used Maybelline Wet & Shine and a nail polish I bought off the streets in Guangzhou, China, which is has a pink tinge which I really like.
Nail Polish Remover-to remove any errors, I use Cutex which is an awesome brand that I highly recommend
Cotton Tips-to clean up the sides of the nails if you mess up

WHAT YOU DO:                                                                                                                 

Step 1 Paint a clear layer of nail polish and let dry (here I used the one with the pink tinge).

Step 2 To create a silver gradient tip, brush some of the metallic silver nail poish onto a piece of paper and dap the makeup sponge into it. Starting from the very tip of the nail, dab inwards and repeat, this way the tip will be darker than towards the cuticle. The tutorial I found makes the gradient only 1/3 of the way in from the tip but I recommend doing it halfway so that the glitter doesn’t cover the gradient layer entirely. Now let dry.

Step 3 Sprinkle some glitter onto a piece of paper. Meanwhile paint another clear layer of nail polish but do not let dry this time (here I used the one with the pink tinge once more)

Step 4 Immediately roll the tip of the nail in the glitter on the paper and allow to dry.

Step 5 Brush off any excess glitter after dried and paint the final layer of clear nail polish (here I used the Maybelline nail polish because it doesn’t ruin the sparkle of the glitter whilst the pinkish one does so test how the clear nail polish reacts with the glitter beforehand) 



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  1. great tutorial! love the clear steps by steps photos.
    Alexa has done this too but with green glitters. turns out lovely, i wanna try it sometimes.