Sunday, 25 December 2011

Shopaholic Holiday

Merry Christmas all!

I am going to Singapore on tonight (Yes! Christmas night) and will then leave to Hong Kong on the 28th, spend two days with my parents (and my lil bro) and then they'll leave me to meet up with my other friends who will arrive on the 31st, NEW YEAR'S EVE! (Btw, have you guys seen the movie? Pretty average, similar to Valentines Day. Sarah Jessica Parker and that young man was a horrible pairing)

We will stay up on the first night to watch the fireworks for New Years over the Victoria Harbor. My friends and I will be spending 4 days together in HK going to The Peak, Ocean Park and of course shopping!
Basically just shopping, shopping and more shopping really. I hope to be able to share with you my hauls, and maybe even some vlogs, no promise here but it's a thought. Sasa, the famous HK beauty shop is a must go-to place. I have been saving up with so much effort I really hope it will pay off. Been working very hard so I do believe I deserve it. :D

Street flow by Nujabes (DevaintArt)

Sunset from Hong Kong Peak by Nujabes (DeviantArt)

After HK I will go catch a train up to Guangzhou (by myself! I must add) which is 174 km away, equivalent to 108 miles. I will stay with my relatives there and do some more shopping, mainly clothes, not make-up since it's mainland China, you can't trust what they put into the make-up. I'm also really excited about spending Chinese New Year which is on the 23rd of January. It will have such an amazing atmosphere over there, back here in Australia we have only an uncle and so there's not much cheer and crazy family warmth when it's Chinese New Year. Whenever I go to China I can feel the family warmth even when it's not CNY so the fact that I'm going to be spending CNY there is an added bonus, I have never spent CNY there before (at least no memories of such).            

chinese new year 02 by dongdonggadongdong (DeviantArt) 

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  1. seems like you'll have a great journey. :) envy!
    great to have a chance to travel. cny in china would be exciting i guess. have fun!