Friday, 9 December 2011

Hair Inspiration

Going to have a hair makeover when I go to China to mark the start of 2012 and the start of a grown girl having graduated from high school and moving up to uni! Here are some of the Asian hairstyles and colour I have been collecting over the year:



My thoughts: Side part... my face isn't slim enough to be able to completely pull off a middle-part. Bangs? You may ask? Well bangs are more suited for the people with longer slimmer faces and since I am complaining that my face isn't slim enough, I will stay away from bangs. 


I am in love with this look. It's sooo Victoria Secret! I wish to have this look: the type of curls, colour and length! (JB?)

Other versions of dark brown

There's a tinge of red in this look, maybe it's just the sunlight

Trying to grow my hair as long as possible to achieve that VS look I am wanting.Cut my hair after the ball but my hair grows back extremely fast, it's already reaching midway down my back. But then again I still have the baby-face so pulling off the VS look won't be easy. People think I'm still 13 or 14... I guess this is good when you are older and don't want to age. Both my brothers and I have my parents' genes, the anti-aging gene :D

Keeping an eye out for female hairstyles on TV and magazines I have actually noticed many do not have their partings on the right like me. So then I thought maybe I am unusual so today I decided to do some research on hair partings. Amazing enough I have come across an actual theory dedicated to hair partings! 


"John Walter was a self-professed computer nerd who instantly gained about 150 friends and an active social life with the "in" crowd after changing his hair part from the right to the left." Is it believable?? 

The Hair Part Theory states: The way a person parts their hair is related to many subconscious associations when assessed by others. Each hair part type initiates cycles of behavior toward, and response from, the individual. Over time, these cycles affect personality development, perpetuating a system of cumulative and interactional continuity.

Men W/Left Part: Natural for men, usually works well for them. Perceived as popular, successful, strong, traditional. Can be out of touch with the feminine side of themselves. Examples: John Wayne, Tom Brokaw, John F. Kennedy, Edward M. Kennedy

Women W/Left Part: Usually ok, especially for women interested in making it in business and politics. Perceived as intelligent, in-charge, reliable. Can sometimes be perceived as too "masculine", and/or can create difficulties with fulfilling traditionally feminine roles. Examples: Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Christine Todd Whitman

Men W/Right Part: Usually unnatural for men. Can create an uncomfortable image; can cause social shunning, sometimes leading to unusual or eccentric behavior. Perceived as atypical, open, radical. Can work ok if the man is very confident, attractive, or striving to be respected in a non-traditional male role. Examples: Al Gore, Rush Limbaugh, Robert F. Kennedy, Charlie Rose, Tom Snyder

Women W/Right Part: Natural for women. Usually works ok. Perceived as very feminine, gentle, caring. Can cause problems of not being taken seriously. Examples: Martha Stewart, Jane Pauley, Betsy McCaughey Ross, Geraldine Ferraro

Princess Rania
Men + Women W/No Part: Natural for men and women. Perceived as balanced, trustworthy and wise. Can lack the flair associated with

Center Part or Bald: the other types. Examples: U.S. Presidents 1-9, Joseph P. Kennedy II, Sean Connery

A theory floating around the internet that one of the main reasons Al Gore lost the presidential election in 2000 was because he parts his hair on the right and was hence perceived to be a weak leader whilst George W. Bush parts his hair on the left and gave people the impression he was better suited to be a leader                                                                                                                                               .

Queen Rania
The article also sites Superman as an example. When Christopher Reeves plays the nerdy Clark Kent in the movie, he parts his hair on the right. But when he turns into Superman, he parts his hair on the left. Search it up, you will be amazed!

Before King Abdullah assumed the throne as King of Jordan, Queen Rania used to part her hair on the left.

After she went from being an outspoken Princess to becoming Queen of Jordan, she changed her part to the right, perhaps to send a subtle message that she is the feminine side of the power couple, and to let her husband shine as King. 
Hearing this I might change my parting to the left since I am going to be studying Finance, Business Law and Law. Also, for my high school graduation in two days I might do a right parting for the Year 12 Breakfast and a left parting for the Graduation Night. From typical girl to strong woman! This is the same concept I have decided to use with my dresses. Pink for day and royal blue for night.
Some Celebrity examples I found: Your hair part reflects your personality


Why go through the pain and burden of plastic surgery when makeup is good enough?

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  1. interesting hair parting theory! never knew such thing exist so great post.
    :) i have achieved the VS hair today thanks to hair extensions.. lol.. couldnt wait til my short hair grow fast enough.. :) good that your hair grows fast