Sunday, 17 March 2013

Boys are Boys

I think I finally understand the reason why my mum has always told me not to date anyone until I'm old enough.
Boys are boys, confused and stupid.

Stupid in a way that hurts us girls instead of themselves.
They just don't know what they want, what they need and how to go around finding out the answer.
In their confusion they just end up playing with us.
They flirt intensely with you, you think they like you, you think they want something out of it.

But it turns out they don't know what they want from you. So it just stays in that awkward stage of uncertainty resulting in an emotional mess.

by *YuliaSpesivtseva

I'm starting to really respect guys who just know what they want. Who would just tell a girl he likes her and wants her to be his girlfriend. Just straight up. Instead of playing around, flirting, then doing nothing. A boy did that to me once (told me straight up), I got angry that he did it. But I shouldn't have been angry. I was angry at the fact that I gave him no signs at all that I liked him back and he just went forth to tell the whole world he liked me, ruining our 'friendship'. But now I respect him for that. Unlike some other guys, at least he was honest and forthcoming.

Why is it that the guy I don't like is the honest one and the guy I do like isn't. It just can't work out perfectly can it. It's the issue of timing. Obviously this guy I like is not the destined one.

He's confused, he's young, he's flirty.
All that thinking, I thought he wanted me. His signs, confused signs from a confused boy.    

I need a man in my life, not a boy.
I'm going to push all this stuff to the side until I meet a real man. Probably in 3-4 years time, no rush.

Right now, what to do with this confused boy who was giving out badges like "Sexy Chic", "Flirt Alert" and "Cheeky Devil" to the girls at his party? He's just a friend, and will stay a friend possibly forever. His confusion has messed with me and I'm not too happy about it.

He's a really nice person (what kind of flirty guy isn't considered a 'nice' person) and I have established that flirty guys make awesome friends. As long as you friend-zone them, they are the best male friends ever! I've already got a really awesome male friend, another one won't hurt.

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