Wednesday, 6 March 2013

60 Sec of Us

I think I finally get what the idea behind the music video of 60 sec by Kim Sunggyu is. Because I found myself going through it.

My interpretation: 60 seconds is enough for you to experience a long complex relationship with them. When everything happens in your head. Your mind imagining how you pursue them (or get pursued), imagining the beautiful happy times with them, and then imagining the fighting, then eventually imagining the breakup. Going through this in your mind you give up on the thought of even beginning with this person. You walk away from them, as an act to avoid the possible hurt you would experience with them.

That's me, a 'flight-risk'. I runaway at the thought of a relationship, of commitment, of putting my fragile emotions in the hands of a stranger.

The lyrics doesn't have this message, the lyrics expresses how 60 seconds is enough to tell the story of them, of what really did in fact happen between them.

by ~magnesina

This is just my view of the story of the music video alone.

Recently my mind has been playing like a movie in my mind, or like the music video above. I imagined myself get pursued by him, the first time, filled with butterflies in the stomach. Then I imagined our happy crazy times, how we would own the dance floor together because we both love to dance, and our cute moments together in each other's arms, feeling his warmth and protection.

But then came the fighting, realizing how angry you can get at a person, at me. Or if there was never any fighting between us, then just how you slowly realize you had 'fallen out of love' with me and leave me when I was still in love with you. Then came the tears, the pain, I wouldn't be able to focus on anything, I wouldn't be able to think, to eat, to function properly. My grades would plummet and I had lost sight of myself because of you.

I've never been in a single relationship before... but the ones I witness makes it possible for me to imagine what it would be like. I don't know whether what I depict is close to real because, as I said, I haven't experienced it to know. But I assume it's close. I remove myself from the reality and place everything in my mind because I'm too scared to feel the real emotions, to feel 10x happier but also 10x sadder.

My imagination feels so real it's like I actually experienced it with you. With such a story running through my mind, when I come back to reality, I become defensive. I don't want you anymore. Because my mind told me we wouldn't work out. I actually found myself teary as I imagined losing you.

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  1. Good morning Louise I enjoy your writing as #1 fan lol . My name is Caleb Anderson I have a question about a picture.

    1. Awww thank you! what's your question?