Sunday, 24 August 2014

Society's New Norm: Divorce

Putting life in perspective...
the average divorce rate for the nation is 46%.
Good luck.

The Still Heat of Summer Makes Me Dream by Queen-Kitty
The Still Heat of Summer Makes Me Dream
by Queen-Kitty

I don't have much faith in marriages to be honest, after talking it out with this guy I am currently casually dating (not a relationship). People may look up to their parents as role models, but to me their generation is just filled with strings tying them together, forcing them to stay together. The love and passion seems long gone with a lot of those middle-older age marriages, sometimes I still see it in my parents which is somewhat reassuring. But then there's also the fact that I'm raised in a different culture, in a new generation... Things are a lot different for me. Divorce is just such an easy option for people... I hear about it all the time... because the rate is at a high 46%. 

The girl who clings to hope, is feeling a little bit hopeless... And also the realisation that I'm a girl, who is going to have to give up her career for a family. Or vice versa. I can't have it all apparently. I hope to defy my parent's expectations of society, of society norms. I don't want to look back at my life and think that all that I've accomplished in life is raise a family, even if that family is a beautiful amazing family. I want more. I want to be influencial in a bigger way, I want to have a bigger impact in the world than that. I want to have done amazing things. I don't want to be a generic female. I don't want to have done generic things...
St. Johann by Panomenal
I guess it's good that this is what my parents see. Because what I want to do is to do something different, be something different, and since this is the norm that my parents see, it's going to be easy to break, especially since in a Western culture, these norms are technically not as 'normal' anymore. Women have careers and families and they are happy. What's the fun in exceeding my parents' expectations when they are not the norms to be broken.

I'm going to be different, I want to break society's norm of sacrificing one for the other, career vs. family, and the expectations of divorce. I'm going to find someone amazing that I have an amazing connection with that no time and space can break. Something that will be alive with passion even into my eighties. This is my goal in life. To win. To work so hard off my ass to have it all. A career and a family. Superwoman. I am.

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