Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dream Home Inspiration

I've been gathering photos and keeping them in a file,
a collection of inspirations that hopefully I can use
to create my dream home.

Just a word of advice, prepare for SPAM.
Beautiful spam :)

Love this contemporary feel, and damn, look at that view!

Love the colours, my favourite colour! But maybe a bit too cold.

That sofa/table is so amazing! Perfect for a girls' night in!

Oh my gosh I am so in love with the colours! And that bookcase!!

That tiling is so cute as well! Such an amazing European feel~

More European inspired kitchens, just inspires you to cook amazing food!

A lot more fem.

My love for bookcases and wooden touches never ends. And that fireplace... oohhhhhh

I have just said it, my love for wooden touches, and that doesn't end with the floor. Ceiling too please!

Love Love Love, and more LOVE! That cosy place to eat at, it's like a diner's. So amazing!

Square shaped painting to decorate the dining room

I am so amazed at the feeling this warm grey colour palette gives me <3

Amazing view of the living room, and I assume amazing view FROM the living room too. And wow, that grand piano hiding there perfect for cosy lazy nights in.

That fire place <3

Epic!! And epic view too!

That shelve of books!! Eurgh, so amazing!

It's like a holiday retreat!

That bedroom view <3

Love the colour palette, blue will forever be my favourite colour, and with the wooden brown? <3

That glass ceiling is a must have to stare at stars with the loved one at night

View view view!! Omgawd

Love the colours!!!

That floorboard is amazingggggggg

Purely Exquisite 

Totally in love, and with that piano too, I can picture my life there with my loved one and little feet running around everywhere.

Colours, colours, colours <3

That window ceiling is dream-like!

Just wow!!! Floor on the ceiling 

High ceilings, can't get enough~~
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