Friday, 25 April 2014

Some people are like roses

So I had this crush on a guy, what, 3 years ago? I would notice him at parties, and sometimes I would even go through a bit of a rare Facebook stalk. He was a friend of a friend. And with how it is here in this small city, he was a friend of a few of my friends. He just never knew I existed during the first 2 years of uni. 

And I knew nothing about him, about his true personality. I could only gather bits from what I saw from a distance and from photos. This is the thing about crushes, you create such a beautiful image of a person and you fall even more for them. It's not love, it's infatuation. It's senseless. To my imagination he was smart and strong. But a few months ago, fate brought us together for 2 months overseas and I got to know the real him. 

He was strong, but not mentally, and he wasn't exactly smart. He was not the desirable person I drew him out to be. But he was kinder and sweeter than I thought. Either way, one thing didn't change, his appearance. I was still physically attracted to him. And funny as it was, he fell for me. Harder than the way I fell for him. Mine was merely a crush from far away, he liked me because he got to know me and see me every day for 2 months straight. He asked me out, I told him no, that I wasn't ready, I was on a break with my boyfriend at that time. 

Furthermore, I realised I didn't like him as much I thought I did. He was not the beautiful 'rose' I imagined, so I decided that it was better if I left him alone, let him be this beautiful untainted imagination. The untouched. Some people are just like flowers, beautiful to look at but dies when you pick it out of the ground. Not everything beautiful must be obtained. He is one such example.
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1 comment:

  1. Oh dearie :c
    Crushes are nice at the beginning. You don't want
    see any flaws in it :P It's good that you thought out
    through it, before making a bad decision. Xx