Saturday, 27 September 2014

Attention Lover

Went out last night and strange things happened...

Gemma by haaniaGemma
by haania

Maybe it's the age I've reached, the prime age, or maybe it's just the whole new confidence I have learned from my new job. Maybe it's a factor of both. But last night was a strange night. Never have I received so much attention from guys... And I won't deny it, getting attention feels good. Deadly I know, but the truth. When they asked me if I was single I would lie and say I had a boyfriend, typical move. Because I didn't actually want anything, I just wanted to party with my girls, party away the 2 weeks' stress I had building up from work and study, assignments and exams. Getting attention and free drinks was merely a plus. 

And for me to enjoy it so much is another reason why staying single is the way to go for me at the moment. I love the single life. Sagittariuses love to explore everything, places, careers... and I guess guys. But I'm not that type of girl to be jumping from guy to guy. Let the eye roam, not the heart. I'm completely content with the way my life is right now... But in the back of my mind it does bother me to think what if I'm never going to find someone who meets my standards... Because they're set so high... No more guy dramas for the moment, thank God, so nothing that worrying can help. For now I'll slowly work on pulling my walls down, so that when a prospective partner comes along, it won't be too difficult for me to let him in.

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