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I think it's amazing, the moments in life when you experience new things, things that change your perspective of society, of people. Last night was one of those moments.

I turned 18 in November last year, and since I'm finally back in Perth, my friends and I planned a night out to go clubbing. I don't want to seem like the promiscuous type just because I went to such places because in Chinese culture that is exactly what kind of image girls, who go, will bring upon themselves, so let me get things straight: I go out to dance, not to get sexual.

And I had the best night of my life. Dancing my feet off, literally, I could not feel them after being in heels for the entirety of such an incredibly long night. The night really opened my childish eyes a lot. I went to 3 places: The Deen (for free drinks), Air Nightclub (for dancing), and finally The Library (for more dancing).

by ~clashed

Let me begin the story of this amazing night.

The Deen: I don't like drinking, alcohol to me is like medicine. I had a free glass of white wine and a free cup of strawberry slushie mixed with alcohol (don't remember what the official name was) and that was enough to get me pretty tipsy. I only wanted to drink to the point that I felt really relaxed. It was an amazing feeling, like not drunk, just really free. I was talking non-stop, it was a wonderful state (enough to get me happy but not enough for me to lose control of myself). We went to The Deen quite early just for free drinks so all we did there was talk... and drink. Met three people that really caught my attention there. Two of them were friends who seemed like they just turned 18 like me, they were chatting with us but in a really nice, friendly, non-motive kind of way. I'm pretty good with names and I still remember their's: Brandon and Ben (Both B's, easy).

Ben was the one I actually talked to (with my friend by my side though cause I'm pretty shy with anyone) and he came across as a really charismatic person who, if he went to my school, would be the kind of guy that loves 'unpopular' things, is funny and not particularly smart, but people still really like him. A crazy thing about the two Caucasian guys is that they only drink water. That's pretty amazing. Now, the only thing Ben ever did that came off as... hmmmm, let's say stepping over the line, was when he poised this crazy theory that people have telepathic thoughts. The theory in itself isn't really that crazy, it's how he performed it which was. He told us to think of a number from 1 to 10 and then hold his pinky with ours and then scream the number in my mind whilst staring at him, and apparently he would know exactly what number it was. Obviously he failed but what he achieved instead, and wanted to achieve instead, was a close interaction with my friend (as he placed his hands on her shoulders to pull her closer) and a hug at the end of the demonstration from both my friend and I (pulling us in suddenly saying that we're crazy and he thinks we're lovely people, we're crazy?).

Third person I met that night was actually more of a one second encounter. The guy, who perceived to be of Indian ethnicity, tapped me on the back and told me that he didn't want to have a conversation with me (and I was like o-kayyy) but wanted to say I looked amazing that night. And then he walked off. Crazy! I remember the time my older brother told me that social gatherings like these are really interesting as you can learn a lot about people. I completely agree, so many different types of people with so many different thoughts and personalities. Experiences like these also emphasise the power of first appearance. Not really the attractiveness factor of appearance, but the type of personality you perceive based solely on 'firsts' (first glance, first conversations). Not complex personalities but the basic personalities, it's actually possible. In antisocial terms it's called stereotyping, but in intellectual terms, it's called social science. Stereotyping is such a negative term but in this case I don't think it should be looked down upon since I am in no way judging people negatively or summing their entire personality from 'firsts', it is simply their basic personality I am obtaining a grasp on, people are complex beings which cannot be summarised entirely through only one source. This I know very well, and this is the major flaw of stereotyping.       

Air Nightclub: The people here were young (probably because the night was early and it was a Friday night) and with age there came an atmosphere of innocence. It was like a school Ball kind of event (I even saw a guy and girl slow dancing like it was a Ball). No obsessive contact and wild behaviour (unless you call dancing will your heart and soul wild behaviour). It was as obscene as a PG movie could get. I liked it there, it was the type of place I wanted to dance at. And could I please add that dancing is the BEST exercise ever! Sweating because you're dancing so hard like Beyonce (not so much as good as Beyonce but with as much energy), now I know exactly how Beyonce gets such an amazing body! And then after sweating you drink a LOT of water to stay hydrated and water is FREE! I'm so new with this 'clubbing' thing that my friend's knew I was completely astounded by the face that I don't have to pay for water. Dancing is a sport, so this was really good. I never drink enough water and drinking that much water that night really impressed myself. I'm crazy getting so hyped up over water, I know, but as Britney says: 'I'm not a girl, not yet a woman.' Everything is just so new to me. Talk about 'moments in life when you experience new things'.

The Library: Okay, here is where it starts getting MA rated. I walked in and saw a lot of 'action' going on. Tongues down throats, arms around girls and the most shocking thing I saw there that night that pretty much was the most memorable part of the night in terms of 'experiencing new things' (experience I mean 'seeing') (I may be overreacting because I have realised I am a really traditional girl in this not so traditional world) was this Caucasian girl in a small white button up shirt which was not really 'buttoned up' at all, dancing with a guy and then suddenly she pulls off her shirt and shows off her black bra, throwing it in his face. I means that's disgusting. I know people hook up in this places, they leave with a stranger at the end of the night, but this was still in a public place, I was so shocked that I found it funny and was actually laughing with my jaw dropped open.

This was my first 18+ event.

This is my blog, to record my psychological and moral growth, so as I record these things whilst I'm in these moments, I'm pretty sure in later years I will read back and say to myself, "What was I thinking." Which you may be thinking right now.

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  1. ;) colorful nights are amazing :x loved clubbing when i was in uni too babe. :) then work life took over.. enjoy every single moments of being young & is still in student life while you can hun

  2. awww thank you, I will keep that in mind ;)