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Infatuations: March Issue

March soon.
Uni days are back, so time is tighter.

But March also means the new issue for my Infatuations Blog Magazine is out! This time it's not elegant (like January's, or casual edgy like February's) it's going to be inspired by ballerinas but with a lot of attitude. This issue will take you back in time to reveal the history of the 'red lip'. But in addition to that, I'll also be sharing some tips on achieving transfer/smudge-proof lips.

Ok, now something somewhat unrelated. I just wanted to post some of my deviantart journals here as this is where it truly belongs.
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I always knew I was a tradition type of girl when it comes to love and relationships.... but I never knew I was really THAT traditional. I never knew that the modern times are so DIFFERENT to the last generation. Maybe it's just a proportion of guys out there that are this modernised... but my discovery seems to point to a LARGE proportion (again maybe it's just a large proportion of the people that happen to be around me). I never knew that reality is so different from my mind. Will I not be able to find a decent guy that fits my criteria? Not perfectly, but enough of it? Seems not, after this discovery.

You may not know what discovery it is that I have made, what I mean by 'modernised', but I do and I am somewhat disturbed by it. Makes me feel like I'm going to have to be single forever and die alone...

If I ever find someone I think that's right for me, I'm going to be open and ask him one question, one question that will determine whether he stays or goes.

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I don't want to date someone who gyms to look attractive, I want to be with someone who's into a type of sport. One will be shallow and attractive, the other will be healthy and attractive. That's what I aim for in myself, I want to be healthy attractive, not starved attractive... I indulge in cake and BBQ pork (damn I love that stuff!) but the rest of the time I eat very healthy and in healthy proportions too. There's a difference.

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I remember how back in the last year of highschool I used to really look forward to studying in the library after school. It's because I would always see him there and it somehow became a meeting thing without talking about it. Some days I would wait but he wouldn't come, those days were disappointing, and then I would have to wait another whole week until I saw him again.... These days  I don't even know where he is.

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Isn't it strange, how sometimes you feel like you're in your own movie of some kind because things happen out of crazy coincidence.
I posted something up here last night when I was 'thinking'... and this morning I get a call about something kind of serious but the conversation leads off to her letting me know exactly where he is (and I am 101% certain this person has no idea about how I feel about him). Is this God playing with me? I'm just a small girl in this big big world, He cannot possibly have time for this.

On top of that, after the call Mum starts talking about boys/men and relationships and the things she said was like she knew who I was thinking of secretly, letting me know how bad those kind of relationships would be, how they don't work out most of the time and that she recommends that girls should find someone a LOT older than themselves. It's really weird. And there's me thinking, if something actually happens between him and I and my mum's not pleased about who I've chosen, what would I do? Would I doubt myself? Would it be possible to persuade her? I know she would never tear us apart because my parents have always said that they would respect our choices (but will include their opinions though) even if we ended up choosing a Caucasian who cannot communicate with them (I assume that's a common fear emigrated Asian parents have).

I've always been a good girl, listening to everything they have to say. I've never defied them before, because I never had to. I understand them and they understand me. When something's really wrong then I wouldn't do it, but if something's not too bad, they would let me try it. I love them for that. But when it comes to 'love', it's a very grey area. Wrong and right is from the eye of the beholder. Maybe I just have to hope that nothing happens between him and I, then I won't have to be torn between two.

On a different note, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and I recently saw on FB a photo where the girl tells the guy that he doesn't have to get her anything for V Day, followed by a photo saying "It's a Trap!". Thought it was funny. I have to admit girls are quite hard to read sometimes. But if I ever do end up spending V-Day with someone special, I really don't need a present, a nice simple but romantic day with them would be enough. To be honest I hate having to think of what presents to get for people (friends, family, whoever) and I can't imagine how much harder that will seem for a guy getting a present for his girl... but then it depends of what type of girl it is. Some are really straight-forward like me, they mean what they say. My mother taught me to be like that, and also to express why I'm not happy instead of sulking about it (did that a lot when I was young, I had a pretty bad temper when I was a kid. Mum said I was just like her before she got married, Dad changed her for the better).

That's all from me for now.... have a nice V-Day with whoever you're with if you're with whoever. LOL

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I have a thing for writing before I go to sleep, I guess its cause I just think a lot more when I settle down, which isn't good because it takes me hours to get to sleep.

Anyway, just wanted to express that I feel like a kid again. Reason? I watched Disney's Cinderella, my favourite fairytale and movie of all time. 1950, oh wow~

Another interesting thing today? I sparred with my two brothers today, Muay Thai. Got a big bruise on my knee now, it hurts without even touching it. It was really fun though, great workout and got to hit my lil bro in the head a few times, but I loved leg chopping him more. No need to feel sorry for him, got a few from him too.

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When a guy throws his head back laughing with his mouth wide open like a little kid. That is the cutest thing.

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You make the effort to talk to him but his reply completely lacks effort. That's when you know you should just give up on him.

There's a difference between shyness and simply not being 'present' in the conversation.

You don't like me anymore, that's cool with me, we'll stay friends.

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"2am who do you love?"
One of the lyrics in Taylor Swift's song 'Enchanted'

Funny thing was, when I was listening to my music in bed last night and that song came up, I was actually in deep thoughts... and she sang that line. I was on my phone and I looked at the time shown on it... and I saw it change... from 1:59 to 2:00am.

I was like wow.

I never stay up till 2am. But there I was, 2am.

What was I thinking? "too scared to fall."
And another topic unrelated to any of the above, the Miss Chinese WA Pageant was held last night and my friend's girlfriend was one of the contestants, she's only 18 so I was surprised that she actually won! Wow, but then again she does look really pretty, and tall, and apparently studies pharmacy so I assume she's smart too.  And I trust my friend has good tastes, so that she's nice inside and out. Congratulations to her!

Her win only fuels my desire to enter a pageant... or that pageant, even more now. But I have planned to do so in 2 years time, when I graduate from uni. I really want to do it, but there is fear, or simply self doubt. Recently I've got a few compliments from people, some saying I am 'cute' which is really nice to hear, and also people saying I have a pretty shaped face. Strange thing is, I don't really like my face shape, but dad overheard his employees say it's pretty, out of all the things they could compliment me on, they compliment on my face shape, that really boosts my confidence, I really needed that.  Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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