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by kristianna11

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A lot of the time, things are not as they appear. This is the scary thing about the world we live in. People hide things about themselves, some even go and change how they appear for others. What we see may not be the entire truth, or may not have any truth in it at all. That's why I appreciate raw people so much. Those who act genuine, who are real. Whose eyes smile in honest joy. I strive to be that. To not fear judgment or fear being taken advantage of, to be real.

And I guess it's this part of life, this part about people, that reminds me that I should be careful about trusting and believing people. To be careful about commitment. Committing to a fake person, to a person who doesn't turn out to be the person you made them out to be. Don't fear judgment or of being taken advantage of, but be careful.

I enjoy life without a partner. Don't need to worry who you're trusting your heart to. Don't need to worry that he will change into someone you can no longer relate to or love. As we grow older and older, the innocence and naivety fades, and we end up watching our every step. Our circle of friends grow smaller and smaller as we can trust only the closest.

Over-complicated people are scary... beauty and happiness is in the simplistic.

We are all animals, living in a jungle. Only difference is there aren't towering trees, but towering buildings.     Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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