Thursday, 12 June 2014

Demonic Designer Obsession

Amelie by shi0ri

by shi0ri

I do not understanddddddd...

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How come designer pieces are so damn expensive??? A Burberry Prorsum pencil skirt is selling for US$908.
How much of that value is in the actual material? And how much is attributed to the creativity of the designer? And then finally, to the brand? I highly doubt the material takes up that much of the cost. So then is creativity really that expensive or are we just paying for a stupid name?

I admire brands, the attention to detail is immaculate, definitely stands out from the normal high street pieces... but then there are also some really basic designer pieces like a god damn white shirt selling for a few hundred dollars... seriously??!!

I will never become one of those Instagram/Blogger chics who are adorned head to toe in designer pieces. I've got better places to spend my money on, whether I'm rich or not. Diamonds, nice cars, big houses... not a skirt. That Burberry Prorsum skirt I can find a similar one, the only special detail is this one crease that goes diagonally along it. Heck I'll make it myself than spend US$908 on that sh*t. This is ridiculous!!

I am beginning to get tired of all these designer obsessions. I like them, I even love some pieces, but I'm not obsessed. Materialism is one thing, designer materialism is a totally different thing. It's senseless at this level.  

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