Wednesday, 13 July 2011

First Post: Something Special

Charity Dress Day at school, I look like I am 5 >_<

Hi and welcome to my blog. The first post is always something special so I would like to make this as special as possible. Firstly I am currently in my mid year break, when I return to school it will be the last few metres of the race where I will do my end of year exams and graduate so it's a very special time for me. 

I have just watched The Time Traveler's Wife and it brought me to tears and now I am in a sad mood but it is such a beautiful movie, I highly recommend it to those who haven't watched it and for those who have, what did you think about it? I think it's a great topic for my first post as it talks about life and time. Here i am trying to find out what I will become in the future, recording down things so I may look back on it and smile. The Time Traveler's Wife is about love and how much people should cherish it, be it family or others. Stop thinking about the future and try and enjoy the present... 
And I am :). Harry Potter, the last movie EVER has come out and I was going to see it last night but ended up not being able to go. I also had some other plans with some other friends for today but everything just seemed to fall out of place... buuut you can always rely on Mum to make things better. Went shopping with my mum today and bought a pair of Tony Bianco boots at Myer valued at $200 for only $24.50!!! No lie. They were reduced in price and then reduced again and my mum had a voucher valued at $40 so it was only $24.50. Love a bargain!  


  1. Hey girl, cute blog you got! (:

  2. ooh i love the boots, what a great deal!