Sunday, 21 October 2012

How To: Galaxy Nails (& Opal)

The mountain I am climbing is getting steeper and steeper these coming days and weeks because end of semester exams are approaching so I haven't had time to place much attention to posting. But I have been paying attention to the amount of views I am getting everyday and I am so happy that it has come so far :). My post about Miss Korea 2012 having plastic surgery was my first really successful post (733 views, for some of you that may not seem much but to me that's a lot) and when Googled (Miss Korea 2012 plastic surgery), it comes up 5th! I am thrilled! But recently I have gotten more daily views for my post about wedding dresses, I guess people are more excited about weddings dresses than plastic surgery and pageants. Well, without further ado, I would like to show you some amazing photos of nails, and not just any nails, but GALAXY NAILS:

The galaxy print seems to have become quite popular recently, with the galaxy leggings. I'm not such a die-hard fashionista to love those leggings but I love fashion enough to love these nails! The technique is really similar to my Christmas nail tutorial, just more colour and more steps.

The tutorial below comes from polishandpearls.

This technique could be slightly altered to product other patterns like an opal effect:
Apparently the picture above is 'galaxy nails' but i think it's more opal. Credit to A Cup of Jo

I've Googled a lot of other Galaxy Nails but none of them look as good as the ones I posted here. The other's have too much going on. I actually like the opal-looking one better, it's classier, matches more outfits. Especially after spending so much time on those nails, I wouldn't want to be restricted to the type of outfits I can wear. Well anyway, enjoy experimenting with this. I will be back after exams (before heading off to another 2 month shopping spree in China/HK & Korea too this time). Don't miss me too much! 

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  1. Pretty<3 I don't think I have the patience to do this though >,< & galaxy leggings ftw!


  2. haha, yes it does require a lot of patience but they look so awesome I think it's quite worth it :)