Monday, 1 September 2014

Likes and Followers

Our value is not measured 
by 'likes' and 'followers'.
We are not measured by numbers.

*** by oprisco
by oprisco

I recently changed my profile picture and the likes start flooding in, and it makes my heart flutter every time I get a notification, that beautiful red colour at the top of my screen. And it's horrible to have it affect me so much... because honestly...

Have you ever realised that all those likes don't really mean much. Half of them don't like your photo because you look beautiful, they like it because either they are your friend and it's their way of showing support, or because you've liked their photos and they're returning the favour (or hoping you will return theirs).

Sure you are technically more popular now, more people to call acquaintances, more people to say 'Hi' and 'Bye' to on the street. And there's nothing wrong with having more acquaintances, just don't get caught up in comparing yourself with all the others out there... the ones with hundreds or thousands of likes on their profile pictures on Facebook. Don't let that devalue you. Your value is not measured by the number of likes and followers and comments of how pretty you look in that photo.

Amsterdam II by Dapicture
Your value is measured outside of the internet world, where you connect with people. Real, honest, connection. Compare yourself with yourself if you're going to compare. Have you received more likes from this picture than you have from the last time? In that way, you know you've increased your acquaintance group. Nothing wrong with wanting more acquaintances, because where do you think all your closest friends began as?

Just don't get caught up with comparing yourself with other people. You meet people your own way, you accept people in your own way. Some people meet a lot of valueless people (as in people they will never talk to again and only remember their existence from the occasional like) whilst some others meet people in a more complex way where they already have a sound idea where they want anything to do with them in the future. Nothing is wrong with either... just know this is a reason to not compare. Especially when comparing only makes you devalue yourself. Because honestly, there will always be someone prettier than you, smarter than you, more popular than you. But there is only one you, only one person in this world with those certain qualities that you have. Stop the comparing and love yourself.

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