Monday, 30 June 2014

My MANGO Wish List

Sisters i. by Rinksy
by Rinksy

A long list of my favourite Mango pieces! 

Sadly Perth practically has nothing here, no Starbucks, no Sephora, no H&M, no Zara, no TopShop, no Forever21... Practically nothing. We have nothing here. Quite sad really, the country is already quite isolated from the rest of the world, known as 'down-under' and Perth is quite an isolated city from the privileged East side of Sydney and Melbourne. Worry not, I'd be visiting Melbourne in less than 2 weeks and hopefully get my hands on some of the things we are deprived of. 

But for now, all I can reside to doing is attempt to satisfy my desires by looking online and seeing what I would have bought if these places actually existed in this city. What we also don't have in addition to the long list above is Mango. So here are the things I say you should be grateful you can get your hands on, and also at the convenience of the online store Zalora for you Singaporeans: Shop Mango online at ZALORA Singapore!

A classy dress that can be worn for the office (current obsession with 'Suits'), 
or a night out with girls as long as you accessorise correctly.

I'm all about the white basic pieces, white shirts, white denim jeans,
 and so this is no brainer to have in the closet, I am in great need of
 a white blazer and look at that fit!

Continuing the white trend, a simple white shirt, more tom-boy, 
perfect for casual days with denim shorts, tucking this baby in.

Trumpet skirts, are major! Something so flirty about these amazing skirts! 
And even though it's winter here, put on some thigh high boots and be prepared
 to be complimented non-stop.

Red is hot hot hot! Strangely enough, I don't have a single red dress in
 my closet, maybe something to do with avoiding the Chinese New Year feel, or the
 stereotypical 'Asian-trying-to feel-lucky-today' kind of look. But this dress is amazing!
 You'd be stupid to resist! Perfect for the ball and such a good price!

I have white denim jeans, but get me some white trousers! Classy overload!
 Can be dressed up or down depending on your shoes and top.
 For work, for lunch with your girls or for a night out! So versatile!

Every girl needs some perfectly fitted jeans that help show off those legs.
 These look so slimming, hence 'slim-fit', duh! The colour is also really
 easy to style and will never be outdated.

Cami's. They are all the trend right now. Short for camisole.
 Something super sexy and effortless with the spaghetti straps.
 Bring it up a notch if you have the confidence and do it braless! 

Black? Get one in white as well! 
Obsession with the white trend here.

Cropped tops are still in, this top is super cute! High collar to balance
 out with the peering midsection. Perfect for those who are in Summer now.
 Sad I'm in Winter. Bring back the sun please.

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...So that concludes my List of 10 items I really want from Mango that can be found on Zalora's site. There's actually heaps more, an overload, you have no idea how difficult this was for me to narrow down to the 10 items specific to what I need in my wardrobe right now. Now time for you to go find yours!


  1. The pic is so stunning ! *-*

    Bisous !



  2. Fabulous fashion pieces from Mango. I especially love the blazer xoxo <3